Jon Giaan

Jon Giaan is a dreamer, real estate investor, passionate self starter and more. Find his full biography at Knowledge Source.

1. What makes Australia the greatest country in the world?

It is always the people that are ultimately responsible for defining any country’s greatness, and Australians have demonstrated time and again that even a relatively small country can achieve widespread prosperity.

2. What is your favorite part of Australia?

The southeastern part of the country has long been a favorite of mine, with Melbourne being among my favorite cities in all the world.

3. What type of business are you in?

I’m in publishing, but I am also involved in marketing as well as advertising.

4. How do you or your business affect the local economy?

One of my principal goals as a publisher is to inform Australians about the various strategies for generating the kind of wealth that results in long-term financial security. It is my belief that every Australian can prosper provided they have the right tools at their disposal.

5. How old is your business? What year did you start?

Knowledge Source is a relatively new venture, but it is based on years upon years of experience and education on a wide range of subjects relating to wealth generation.

6. In what ways do you or your business benefit the national economy?

My belief has always been that education is the key to ensuring the greatest degree of prosperity possible, and my publication currently reaches well over 200,000 subscribers throughout the country.

7. Are you (or your business) involved in any philanthropic activities?

Yes, of course. Philanthropy is very important to me, and I believe anyone can succeed when provided with the means or the opportunity to do so.

8. What do you want people to know about you or your business?

I would like people to know that the principal goal of my business is to provide Australians with a comprehensive resource on any subject relevant to the pursuit of wealth. It is my sincere hope that my subscribers use the information provided by my publication to establish the level of wealth and financial security they are seeking.

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