Sustainable design expert Marlon Kobacker recently praised the host of factors contributing to Australia’s increasing viability for investors interested in the country as a renewable energy investment destination. Kobacker, who recently partnered with James Cronan in the Sustainable Future Group, notes that Australia’s ascent is a welcome turn of events after its standing as an investment destination was harmed to some degree in recent years.

Marlon Kobacker Energy Investment
Now in the top 10 of the Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index released by EY, a professional services firm that evaluates policies and other factors influencing renewable energy investment viability, Australia is again approaching its former status as one of the world’s leaders in this regard. Formerly sixth on this same index, Australia can credit its return to world prominence on several factors, including increased stability regarding the country’s Renewable Energy Target (RET).

This enhanced energy investment viability should also help Australia achieve some of its more aggressive goals regarding the implementation of renewable energy resources on a countrywide basis, as the Australian Capital Territory reiterated its intention to achieve total reliance on renewable energy resources within the next five years and to commission energy projects focusing on wind energy as well.